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Free Knitting Pattern: Easy Cowl

Free knit pattern - beginner's cowlI have a soft top car and whenever the roof is down, there is a massive draft at the back of my neck. So I’ve created this really simply cowl to help keep me warm while I’m driving. The simple rib means that it is stretchy enough to fit over your head easily whilst also fitting snuggly around the neck to keep the draughts out.

Download the pattern for the easy knitted cowl (PDF)

free knit patterns: pink cowlI used Size 7 1/2mm needles with around 250 yards of  yarn. Any yarn is fine – they grey cowl uses Sirdar Bonus Aran (20% acrylic/80% wool mix.) and the pink cowl uses Wendy Mode’s Aran (50% Pure Merino Wool).

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Yarn Over Term Confusion

YFWD (yarn forward), YON (yarn over needle), YRN (yarn round needle) and YFRN (yarn forward round needle) are all variants of the plain old YO (yarn over).

The four terms YFWD, YON, YRN and YFRN are basically just letting you know which different stitches (knit or purl) are in front of and behind the yarn over.

YFWD (yarn forward): A YFWD is a YO between two knit stitches. After your knit stitch your yarn is behind the needles. Bring the yarn forward between the needles and then knit the next stitch.

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Wolseley Factory Photos

Some original photos from inside the Wolseley factory. Dates unknown. Please do let me know if you have any further information on these photos, or the Wolseley factory!

Wolseley Factory Interior

Wolseley Factory Inside

Wolseley Factory Interior

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Wolseley Race Car Photos

Wolseley Race CarOne of Wolseley’s race cars. I am not sure who is driving, or when this picture dates from although I believe it is from the turn of the century.

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