Knitted Cat Blanket Squares

I made a conscious decision this week to attempt to finish some of my WIPs. The square for my first cat blanket have been knitted up and sewn togther:

Cat blanket - knitted squares

This was a lovely easy knit. The cat squares are actually a dishcloth pattern however they seem to be a lot larger than the standard sort of dishcloth size. All of the wool used is Sirdar acrylic – hopefully it will be quite hard wearing and easy to look after.

I wanted to finish my second blanket today – 12 squares in plain stockinette stitch. There is just a single burgundy square to complete however I’ve run out of wool. My lovely OH took me to my local yarn shop however they appear to have every colour in the range except burgundy. So my second cat blanket remains in it’s sorry, incomplete state.

On a more positive note, I went shopping with the girlies to Bicester Outlet village yesterday. They loved my quick knitted cowl so much that I now have orders to make another two! I’ve bought some lovely Wendy Mode Aran yarn (50% Pure Merino Wool) in a gorgeous fuschia-pink shade and a charcoal-grey colour from my local yarn shop this morning as the yarn is fairly soft and hopefully won’t be too itchy.

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2 Responses to Knitted Cat Blanket Squares

  1. chrissy says:

    could you tell me where to find this pattern i doing a blanket and have about 5 five cat patterns so far but cant find this one


  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Chrissy – it’s a free Ravelry download. If you search for “Le cat dishcloth” by Kat Mcab, you should find it. The completed squares are quite a lot bigger than most of the other dishcloth patterns I’ve knitted up however!

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