Free Easy Sewing Project: Make Your Own Baby Soft Book

Baby Soft BookThis baby soft book is a really easy sewing project. If you have a sewing machine, it will speed up the process however the soft book can easily be completely hand-sewn.

Materials Required: 

  • Coloured fabric (for the cover)
  • Plain fabric (for the pages)
  • Coloured felt and/or fabric (for the pictures)
  • Various coloured threads
  • Toy stuffing (optional)
To make the soft book:

First, decide what pictures you want to use. You want to think about using simple images which are bold and bright, possibly with areas that you can embroider for extra interest in terms ofboth colour and touch. I used six images:

* a crown (with embroidered jewels);
* a Christmas tree (with embroidered decorations and snow in the background);
* a fish (with embroidered scales);
* a heart
* a boat (made of several pieces of coloured felt)
* a snail (made of several pieces of coloured felt and embroidered shell detail)

Cut out the various shapes that you want to use and add colour to them as you see fit.

Next, you need to make your pages. Cut out three oblongs – each oblong will be two ‘pages’. Make sure the oblongs are slightly larger than you want the pages to be.

Sew each of your images onto the oblongs – each oblong will have two images sewn onto it. Remember to only use one side of the oblong.

Baby Soft Book CoverAdd any additional background detail that you want onto each page e.g. bubbles for the fish.

Take two of the oblongs and place them together with the images facing each other. Sew the two pages together leaving a small opening at one end. Turn the pages inside out so the images are now on the outside and stuff lightly if required and sew the gap shut.

Take the remaining oblong and cut a piece of coloured fabric in the same size. Sew the coloured fabric to the pages making sure that the coloured side of the fabric and the images are facing each other. Leave a small opening at one end so that you can turn the pages inside out. Stuff lightly if required and sew the gap shut.Baby Soft Book Cover

Construct the book and pin before sewing the two pieces of material together to form your book. At this point, you may want to sew a small scrap of material to one of the edges of the book in a loop so you can attach the book to a car seat etc later.

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