Free Knitting Pattern: Easy Stashbusting Snake Toy

Stash busting knitted snakeThis snake toy is perfect for using up all the scraps of yarn you might have lying around. This snake toy is knitted in the round and uses basic increases and decreases. It is a great project if you want to start knitting in the round on circular needles but don’t want to knit socks. If you get stuck Silver’s Sock Class has fantastic pictures and instructions which uses the same techniques I’ve used for the pattern below.


  • 2 x Circular needles (use needles appropriate to your yarn – I used 2.5mm)
  • Toy stuffing
  • Yarn scraps (I used Sirdar Crofter DK in various colours)
  • A blunt needle for sewing up
  • Small piece of scrap ribbon


Cast on 12 stitches using the figure of eight cast on (6 stitches per needle)

Knit two rounds straight (remember the first time you knit on the second needle, you need to knit into the back of the stitches)

Snake head increases:

Round 1: On each needle: KfB, knit to second last stitch, KfB

Round 2: Knit

Repeat these two rounds until you have 20 stitches per needle

Snake head decreases:

Round 1: On each needle: K1, SSK, knit until three stitches from end of needle, K2TOG, K

Round 2: Knit

Repeat these two rounds until 12 stitches remain (6 stitches per needle)


Knit two rounds straight

Using the increase instructions above, increase until you have 20 stitches (10 stitches per needle)

Snake Body:

Continue knitting straight until you are happy with the length of your snake. If you plan on having quite a long snake body, I suggest you stuff the snake as you go, particularly if you are using small sized needles. Ensure you leave enough yarn to finish the tail.

Snake Tail:

Following the decrease instructions used in the snake head above, decrease until 8 stitches remain (4 per needle)

Take your blunt needle and draw it through the remaining stitches before weaving the ends in

If you want, embroider eyes or add buttons for eyes; Use scrap ribbon to make a tongue and sew securely onto your snake.


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