Make your own baby toy: Felt Puzzle

imageThis is a relatively easy seeing project. I would recommend using a sewing machine however it is possible to do entirely by hand.

Materials Needed:
– Felt
– Sewing machine/Needle & Thread
– Scissors
– Pieces of material
– Pencil
– Ruler or tape measure

To make the felt puzzle:

First cut out a square of felt. I really recommend you use easy measurements – for example if you want a 3×3 puzzle, cut a square with 6 inch sides, not 8 inches

Cut a square of your background material the same size as your felt square. Sew the two pieces together.

Next, cut the pieces for your picture and stitch them into place. When you do this, make sure that every square will end up with a piece of the picture in it – you don’t want to leave any blank squares!

Flip your picture over and mark out where the pieces need to be cut – if you want a 3×3 puzzle and are using a 6 inch square, each piece will be 2 inches square.

Sew either side of the pencil lines leaving a gap of about 5mm between the sewn line and your pencil line.

Cut between the lines you have just sewn

Flip the puzzle pieces over and sew any bits you think need reinforcing

Tidy up all the loose threads

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