Granny Square Crochet Giraffe Blanket

crochet giraffe blanket patternI’m not great at crochet so I think I was having a slightly mad day when I decided I wanted to crochet a blanket for a friend’s baby.

This giraffe blanket is made up of 154 granny squares using DK wool and a 4mm hook. Each of my squares is made up of 2 rounds and measures 2 inches across. The finished blanket is about 23 x 29 inches.

I used Stylecraft Life DK as it’s lovely and soft and I like using acrylic for babies as it is easy to look after.

I used:
2 x Cream
1 x Yellow
1 x Brown
1 x Copper
Pink scraps from other projects.

I made 154 granny squares in the following colours:
82 x Cream
47 x Yellow
19 x Brown
5 x Copper
1 x Pink

I crocheted each square separately and then crocheted the pattern together at the end. So. Many. Ends. I highly recommend joining-as-you-go unless you like weaving in ends. The border is quite simply double treble crochet (UK).

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