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Free Knitting Pattern: Fish Cat Toy

These cat toys are quick and easy to make. They can be made out of any scraps you have lying around. Gauge is unimportant however I suggest you don’t use needles over about size 4mm as you need to ensure the stitches are tight enough to contain the stuffing. Use whatever needle size you feel is appropriate to the yarn you are using. The pink fish toy in the picture to the right is made from 100% cotton on 3.75mm needles.

Scrap yarn
Needles appropriately sized for your yarn (I suggest 3mm – 4mm)
Bodkin for sewing up

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Free Knitting Pattern: Little Butterfly Socks

Free knitting pattern - butterfly socksThese toe-up socks have an easy-to-remember 8 row repeat and can be adapted to your own gauge and heel. The pattern produces two little columns of butterflies on each foot. The stitch guide I have given throughout the notes is what fits perfectly for my feet – I am a UK size 3.5 and I knit on 2.5mm circulars. You may need to adjust the pattern to fit your own foot size/gauge.

Fingering weight yarn
Circular needles. I recommend either 2.5mm or 2.25mm
1 stitch marker (optional – for using the Fleegle heel)

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